Workshops in Interior Plantscaping

Our interactive, hands-on workshops are available for private companies and trade association conferences.  Led by Kathy Fediw, who has been a professional speaker and trainer for over 30 years all over the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Carribean.  She also offers a number of keynote and breakout sessions for conferences.  Other titles are available, or we can develop a customized program just for you!

Note:  Kathy is happy to present a workshop program for any number of participants, from personal one-on-one coaching to over 550 people!  Most of our private business clients have 8 to 10 employees or more.  Smaller businesses may want to partner with one or two other companies in their area, or take advantage of our books, training manuals and online courses, to be more cost effective.


These half-day workshops may be combined with consulting work or coaching for supervisors, managers and sales people.

Full-day or half-day in-the-field training is also available.

Reducing Replacements:

This hands-on, half-day workshop will teach your staff what they need to know to reduce your plant replacements, increase your profits and keep their customers happy. Worth 3 CEU’s for CLP and CLT recertification.  Includes:

  • Basic botany and how a plant works.
  • Pre-installation inspections and preventative treatments.
  • Using subirrigation, cap mats and wetting agents for improved plant health.
  • Pruning, grooming and staging techniques to reduce replacements.
  • Pest and disease identification (basic).

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Green Plant Care Tips for Techs:

Our most popular workshop.  This half-day, hands-on workshop teaches your staff earth-friendly ways to do their job.   Inspire and energize your staff so you’ll all be proud of the work you do. They’ll discover how to care for plants in an eco-friendly way that will also increase your profits. Includes:

  • Basic botany
  • Watering methods, including subirrigation systems.
  • Reduce replacements with pruning and grooming techniques.
  • Pest identification and control (basic).
  • Diseases and nutrient problems (basic).

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Advanced Plant Diagnostics Laboratory:

This advanced, half-day program will present vital information in an easy-to-understand and exciting way. Your staff will learn how to diagnose and treat plant problems quickly and easily. Features our digital microscope so staff can see pests up close and personal. 3.5 hours of instruction time, worth 3 CEU’s towards CLP and CLT recertification.


  • Advanced pest identification and control using digital microscope.
  • Advanced disease identification, prevention and control.
  • Advanced nutrient and environmental problems, prevention and control.

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Dracaenas Workshop:

This interactive half-day workshop concentrates on Dracaenas and will teach your staff what they need to know to care for this genus and reduce your plant replacements. Includes:

  • Basic botany and how Dracaenas differ from other plants.
  • How plants are propagated and grown in the nursery.
  • Watering techniques for soil-grown and Hawaiian-grown plants.
  • Cutting plants back, both canes and bushes, to increase their longevity.
  • Pest and disease identification and eco-friendly controls, emphasizing prevention.
  • Identification of over 40 varieties and forms.

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customersCustomer Service Workshops:

Customer Service in a Competitive Marketplace:

This half-day workshop will teach you and your staff the skills you need to provide top-quality service to your customers in a marketplace with stiff competition. Your staff will be able to see their service and their accounts through the eyes of their clients and will learn how to respond to their financial and sometimes emotional needs. Includes:

  • What customers really want from their interiorscape provider.
  • Identifying the “red flags” that an account is in jeopardy and may cancel.
  • Dealing with angry clients and handling complaints.
  • How to respond when your clients’ employees see their colleagues being laid off and are angry that money is being spent on plants.
  • And more!

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Breakouts and Keynotes for Conferences:

Greening Your Business - LEEDGreening Your Business

Increase your sales and profits by Going Green! Find out what you can do internally to significantly lower your operating costs while being more eco-friendly. Use our Green Earth—Green Plants® self-assessment tool find out what you can do to make your business more eco-friendly. You’ll also see what green certification can do for you, and how you can market “going green.”

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Pricing Strategies for the Competitive Marketplace

One thing is clear–the way you priced your goods and services yesterday doesn’t work today! Pricing is a part of your overall business strategy and has a lasting effect on how your customers perceive you. Your pricing is a reflection of your quality and level of service, so don’t sell yourself short! You’ll also find out how to negotiate with tough clients in today’s marketplace so you can get the bid, keep the account and still make a profit.

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