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Annual Design Contest

Each year our magazines sponsor an International Design Contest for indoor plants and urban outdoor plantings, with entries from all over the world!  This contest is open to anyone and includes holiday décor.  Watch for more details on upcoming contests!




I-Plants Magazine

I-Plants Magazine

Great articles on designing with indoor plants, green walls, rooftop gardens and green roofs, patio-scaping, urban tree-scaping, LEED certification for plants and exterior landscapes, the latest in plant containers, design trends and your favorite plants, flowers, trees and shrubs for city settings

I-Plants is a monthly online magazine available in both PDF and page-turn formats. Featured writers and regular contributors including the staff of Morning Dew Tropical Plants; William Braid; Dave Winter; Kathy Fediw LEED AP ID+C, CLP, CLT; and other industry leaders.

The magazine is delivered to your email inbox around the 1st Tuesday of each month (except for holiday weeks.) And it’s FREE to all subscribers! Interiorscapers, architects, designers, office managers, facility managers, urban dwellers, landscape designers, students, teachers, building managers, suppliers and interested consumers are all welcomed!