How to be a Successful Technician

Course Description

Interior Plantscape TechniciansMotivate your techs and stop the whining about raises–for good!

  • Are you hiring new people, only to have them quit after a few weeks because the job isn’t what they expected?
  • Have your techs gotten lazy or complacent?
  • Do they expect you to bail them out whenever they have a problem?
  • Do they bring their personal problems (and phone calls) to the job?
  • Are you tired of hearing them whine about their wages?  Do they expect a pay raise just because they made it through another year?
  • Have you been meaning to put together a Career Path but just don’t seem to have the time?


This 3 session online course will teach your staff:

  • The “typical” day of a tech–great to show during interviews and for the first day on the job!
  • Why it’s important to always have a “Plan B” for unforeseen emergencies.
  • How to stop whining and communicate with your manager in a helpful, productive way.
  • What a tech can do to earn a raise, such as volunteering to help and taking classes on your own.
  • Why you’ll never get a promotion if you don’t get your paperwork in on time.
  • Raises and promotions mean taking on more responsibility.
  • Why you may “top out” your wages if you remain a tech.

Each session includes:

  • Narrated Powerpoint (about 15 minutes per session)
  • Handout copy of the slides
  •  Quiz

Available from any computer at any time, you just need access to the Internet and the downloaded instructions with your link.

Use this program for:

  • Interviewing for new technicians.
  • Tech meetings.
  • Management meetings.
  • Shortly before or during performance reviews.
  • First day on the job.
  • Remedial training and counseling problem employees.


Bonus session for managers on developing a Career Path, complete with list of recommended criteria and template. (no quiz with this session.)

This program will pay for itself with the first new hire who doesn’t quit, or the first tech who shapes up and takes responsibility for their own future.


You will be sent a link to the course upon receipt of payment. Please be sure to add to your email Safe List.

COST: $89.00