Green Certification

Green Certification


To renew your Green Earth-Green Plants certification CLICK HERE

Your customers want to deal with vendors who are green certified, and this accreditation program for interior plantscape businesses and supplies will give you the credibility you need in the marketplace.

Office and Building Managers:

Your tenants want to work in an eco-friendly building, and you want to keep your building full with happy tenants—and protect your LEED certification!

For a free directory of Green Earth—Green Plants Certified Businesses in your area CLICK HERE.
To find out how you may be eligible for a LEED credit based on your indoor plants CLICK HERE. (fee applies)
To get your indoor planting project Green Earth—Green Plants Certified CLICK HERE.  (fee applies)

Interior Plantscape Businesses:

Want to do more business with LEED certified buildings and eco-conscious managers?
Green Earth – Green Plants® Certification Program can be your sales and marketing edge! Get your business “green” certified! This accreditation program for interior plantscape businesses will give you the credibility and the edge you need in today’s marketplace. We are a non-partisan, independent third party consulting firm specializing in the interior plantscape industry and green certification, and our practices are voluntarily compliant with national certification standards.

To find out how to get your business green certified CLICK HERE.  (fee applies when you choose to become certified.)

To find out how to get our project green certified CLICK HERE.  (fee applies)

Landscaping Businesses:
Your clients can get LEED credit for eco-friendly landscaping designs and practices. Protect their certification and get more business by becoming Green Earth—Green Plants Certified!

For more information on how to become green certified, CLICK HERE.  (fee applies)

To register a Green Certified Project CLICK HERE.  (fee applies)

To get your horticultural products Green Earth—Green Plants® Approved CLICK HERE.  (fee applies)