Customer Service

Course Description

customersFind out how to keep your customers and provide excellent customer service, even in a down economy.

6 Lessons

  • Answering Customer Complaints
    Video Length: 12 minutes
    Topic: How to handle customer complaints.
  • Developing a Relationship with your Customers-Business Etiquette
    Video Length: 10 minutes
    Topic: How to develop a relationship with yoru clients and practice good business etiquette.
  • Eight Things to Never Say to a Client
    Video Length: 7 minutes
    Topic: What not to say to a client, and what you can say instead.
  • Preventing Cancellations and Course Review
    Video Length: 9 minutes
    Topic: How to prevent account cancellations, plus a course review.
  • What Your Clients Really Want
    Video Length: 11 minutes
    Topic: What your clients want and expect from you.
  • Working in Difficult Situations
    Video Length: 12 minutes
    Topic: How to handle difficult situations that may come up on the job, such as angry customers.


Cost: $89.00