Beating the Competition – Pricing Strategies

Course Description

How to beat the competition with competitive pricing strategies for a tough marketplace.

5 Lessons

  • Beating Low Ball Bidders-Part One
    Video Length: 14 minutes
    Topic: Strategies used by low ball bidders and how to compete against them.
  • Beating Low Ball Bidders-Part Two
    Video Length: 14 minutes
    Topic: Pricing strategies for competing against low ball bidders.
  • Controlling Your Costs
    Video Length: 18 minutes
    Topic: How to control your costs so you can be more competitive.
  • Negotiating with Clients-Discounts and Deals
    Video Length: 25 minutes
    Topic: How to negotiate with clients who want a discount.
  • When to Walk Away from a Bid or RFP
    Video Length: 12 minutes
    Topic: Learn how to estimate your chances of getting a bid, and when a client may not be a good match for your business.


Cost: $129.00